The foundations have been laid to develop a more visible communications strategy and the goal for 2018 is to generate more multimedia content: in 2017, seven new videos were posted on YouTube and the Company plans to grow this presence further.

Another important development in 2018 is the complete revamping of the LinkedIn page: not only will Hitachi Rail STS's profile be made more captivating, but more visibility will be given to all of the HR programmes within the Company, while navigation will be made simpler by a search function by geographic area.

Hitachi Rail STS develops its relationships with the media by focusing utmost attention on the quality of information, which must always meet requirements of transparency, timeliness, truthfulness, complete ease of use and widespread distribution. These characteristics enable Hitachi Rail STS to base its communications on the constant symmetry of information to all media outlets, also considering the fact that the Company is listed on the stock market. Relationships with journalists are managed at several levels: from the highest, with directors and deputy directors of publications, to middle range, with head editors and senior editors, to writers. Indeed, relationships must be forged across the board for constant support with respect to issues relating to Hitachi Rail STS’s business.

In its communication activities, Hitachi Rail STS mainly targets sector leaders:

  • national press agencies, including generalist organisations (e.g. ANSA, ADN-Kronos, AGI) and financial agencies covering national (e.g. Radiocor, Mf Dow Jones, Reuters) and international (Reuters International, Dow Jones, Bloomberg) issues;
  • daily newspapers (e.g. Il Sole 24 Ore, MF, Italia Oggi, Repubblica, Secolo XIX, Messaggero, Il Mattino and others);
  • periodicals (e.g. Milano Finanza, Corriere Economia, Repubblica Affari&Finanza, Il Mondo, The Economist);
  • radio (Radio 24);
  • television (Class CNBC);
  • online media;
  • blogs, such as “Lettera all’investitore” and similar posts.

The Company enjoys ongoing and fruitful relationships with local business and general media outlets in which it has sites (particularly Genoa and Naples) or where it carries out projects, such as Rome, Milan and Brescia.