In 2017, Hitachi Rail STS continued to maintain its relationship with Italian and foreign universities and training schools in order to contribute to the students’ theoretical and practical knowledge and to offer traineeships, scholarships and other opportunities for young, motivated and enterprising people.

After completing their internship, the young people are assessed by internal tutors who followed them during their training in the Company. If the results reach the high expectations set, they are placed at Hitachi Rail STS, either in Italy or abroad.

In 2017, Hitachi Rail STS participated in a school-work placement initiative thanks to an agreement signed with the Cassini college, the leading college for science in the Genoa region. Through this partnership, the Company has welcomed various alumni selected for their entrepreneurialism and desire to achieve, helping and guiding them in their future university carrier.

Moreover, Hitachi Rail STS has laid the foundations for a partnership with the D’Oria college in 2018, extending the opportunity to humanities students.

The engineering faculty of the University of Genoa supports the young people during this stage with explanations and guidance in making decisions.


Framework agreements and partnerships

Hitachi Rail STS has framework agreements in place with the Italian Universities of Genoa, Turin, Rome and Basilicata, relating to a number of three-year PhD partnership programmes, annual or two-year research contracts as well as numerous theses and internships. The Company also has a framework agreement with the German University of Dresden, specialised in railway signalling, and is also developing partnerships with the Universities of Rome and Milan.

In 2017, the Company continued to work closely with the University of Genoa.

In particular, during the year Ansaldo STS consolidated its relations with the electrical engineering department by joining the Career Guidance Committee.

The Company is constantly committed to developing a scholarship initiative which aims to promote continuous study and discourage young people from abandoning their studies after the first few years.

Thanks to these contacts, Hitachi Rail STS is able to share a targeted training programme with universities in order to find interested potential candidates who meet the business’ requirements.