Hitachi Rail STS sees climate change as an opportunity. As part of this approach, it analyses the potential impact of its strategic decisions regarding greenhouse gas emissions in the short, medium and long-term, aiming to find opportunities to develop the business and improve efficiency in all aspects of its operation.

Actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are part of the environmental management system that Hitachi Rail STS has established at a global level, defining a carbon management strategy based on the following principles:

  • global approach: the development of mechanisms to increase commitment in all offices and production sites;
  • reasonable and feasible long-term objectives: the establishment of a clear and realistic vision of the steps to be taken;
  • support for the development of technologies: the development of advanced technological solutions.

This strategy focuses mainly on three spheres of influence:

  • in-house activities and direct emissions (Scope 1 emissions);
  • energy suppliers and their indirect operating emissions related to the Company’s activities (Scope 2 emissions);
  • Hitachi Rail STS’s supply chain and the emissions resulting from personnel transfers and the production and delivery of goods and services (Scope 3 emissions).