Hitachi Rail STS España

A key player in Spain

Hitachi Rail STS España is an established 100% Spanish company and one of the largest providers of high speed railway lines signalling systems for the Spanish market. Hitachi Rail STS España is part of the global Ansaldo STS company whose portfolio contains complete, flexible and efficient systems for Signalling and Traffic Control Systems for High Speed and Conventional Lines as well as for Mass Transit (Metro and Tramways). 

The start-up of Hitachi Rail STS in Spain takes place in 2000 with the award of the first major project in Europe for the application of ERTMS level 1 and 2: The Madrid - Lleida High Speed Line. In 2005, Hitachi Rail STS España won an important 4-year maintenance contract for this line and in 2006, the contract for the signalling of the new High Speed Lines Figueres – Perpignan, which will provide the international rail link between France and Spain. Also in 2006, that the company became a 100% established Spanish subsidiary with the purpose of consolidating the presence in Spain and offering our customers a solid and direct service. 

In 2007, the company was entrusted for achieving the Bypass Madrid-Atocha for High Speed Lines.

Full range of products and services   

Hitachi Rail STS España covers a whole range of activities, from Mass Transit to conventional railway lines, High Speed signalling or Turnkey Projects, even acting as lead contractor. The Spanish team of Hitachi Rail STS is composed of a large number of expert engineers in the areas of ERTMS (trackside and onboard), SEI (Interlocking), Maintenance and Traffic Control Management. Hitachi Rail STS España is also a competence centre of reference in ERTMS at a global Hitachi Rail STS level, actively cooperating in international projects such as the East European High Speed Line (Paris - Strasbourg). 
R&D Center 

Hitachi Rail STS España has experience in developing software products to control and interface with ERTMS and to operate Electronic Interlockings and RBC locally. 

The main software systems are:

  • PCE (ERTMS Central Point)
  • PLO-S (Operation Local Point for SEI-ENCE)
  • PLO-R (Operation Local Point for RBC)
  • GEST (Management of temporary signals for managing temporary situations during signalling operation)

Hitachi Rail STS España is also involved in a brand new and promising project called GRAIL to implement the application of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) localization to railways traffic control. 

References in Spain

  • Madrid-Lleida High Speed Line:  Electronic Interlocking, ERTMS L1 and L2: 460 kms. Interfaces at interlocking level with Thales (Atocha Station), Dimetronic (Lleida - Barcelona), Alstom (Zaragoza - Huesca), Bombardier (Lleida axis changer) and at RBC level with Thales (Lleida - Barcelona).
  • Madrid-Lleida Maintenance: Integrating signalling systems,ERTMS, energy, detectors, technical sites and air conditioning systems.
  • Figueras-Perpignan High Speed Line: Electronic interlocking,ERTMS L1 and L2, line of 44,5 kms, double tunnel of 8,2 kms.
  • Madrid-Atocha By-Pass for High Speed Lines: ERTMS L1 and L2, SEI. Transition interface ERTMS-LZB in the connection with the HSL Madrid - Sevilla.
  • ERTMS On-board equipment: ATPRD trains for CAF (41 equipment) and Alstom (16 equipment).

Ongoing project:
La Robla - Pola de Lena HSL: design, supply and installation & Maintenance of Signalling Train Protection ERTMS L2, Object Detection, CTC, Power Supply, Access control, Technical buildings.

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