Hitachi Rail STS France

International leader in High Speed Rail and high traffic density technologies

Hitachi Rail STS France manages the regional operations for Hitachi Rail STS across Northern and Western Europe, Northem Africa, China and Korea with roughly 800 engineers and technicians involved in R&D, Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing and Maintenance, and with offices in:

  • Hitachi Rail STS France
  • Hitachi Rail STS España
  • Hitachi Rail STS France UK Branch
  • Hitachi Rail STS Sweden
  • Hitachi Rail STS Beijing
  • Hitachi Rail STS Hong Kong
  • Hitachi Rail STS France Korean Branch
  • Hitachi Rail STS France Moroccan Branch

Founded in 1902, Hitachi Rail STS France has developed the signalling and train control systems that contribute to the constant improvement in railway safety and capacity on main lines and mass transit railway systems all over the world. 

In major international railway projects, in particular in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, clients have called on Hitachi Rail STS France for its ability to deliver fail-safe systems on time and on budget. Being in close proximity to its clients, relying on an international presence in Western and Northern Europe and Asia, Hitachi Rail STS France can manage projects efficiently and accept their challenges, anticipating needs and offering innovative solutions.

Innovation and Safety

With support from the Hitachi Rail STS group and through continuous research and development, the company has produced technological innovations that have made their mark on the railway world. 

From high speed rail and driverless mass-transit systems to the Channel Tunnel and the unified ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), know-how and experience have enabled Hitachi Rail STS France to address the greatest transportation challenges of the century and to develop and implement modern signalling, control and ATP systems, becoming a global leader in the field of signalling, train control and SCADA systems. 

In the global context of expansion and renewal of rail networks, Hitachi Rail STS France offers a full range of effective, high technology products and systems that cover every step of the process, from the initial design to on-site maintenance. 

Attentive to the needs of its clients, Hitachi Rail STS France designs and develops signalling and control products and systems that fully comply with the strictest European standards (SIL4 : Safety Integrity Level 4) and are also registered against ISO9000/2008.

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High Speed Rail safety technology leader

The know-how and expertise of Hitachi Rail STS France in implementing high speed rail and high traffic density technologies are well known around the world. Today, clients call on Hitachi Rail STS France to provide successful implementation of such projects, on time and on budget. With the ERTMS levels 1 & 2, based on French East TGV and adapted to new European signalling standards, Hitachi Rail STS France provides a solution to meet the need to modernise the signalling systems of rail networks through:

  • Improving safety
  • Providing shorter headways
  • Offering high availability while reducing maintenance; offering flexible systems that enable additional development in functionality and performance.

With its ATC systems, Hitachi Rail STS France is the world leader in the field of safety for rail transport, and one of the major players in the development of a high speed, interconnected rail network in Europe and in Asia. 

Hitachi Rail STS France systems and equipment cover a wide range of applications such as:

  • Speed control, continuous or intermittent (ERTMS, TVM)
  • Computer-based Interlocking systems (SEI)
  • Wayside equipment (track circuits, point machines, hot box detectors, electronic treadles, signals, etc.) capacity on conventional lines nearing saturation and provides the interoperability required by new European standards.


A very effective solution to equip or modernise conventional lines    

The interlocking systems provided by Hitachi Rail STS France are based on the experience and technology gained from high speed rail and cover all of the requirements regarding interlocking. The interlocking connected to track equipment (track circuits, signals, point machines) provide fail-safe control in block and interlocking areas. Hundreds of interlocking systems are now in service all around the world
High Speed and Conventional lines equipped by Hitachi Rail STS France:


  • HSL Paris-Lyon
  • HSL Atlantic Paris-Le Mans & Paris-Tours
  • HSLNorth Paris-Lilles to Belgium border and Channel TunnelHSL Mediterranean Valence-Marseilles
  • HSL East Europe Paris-Strasbourg
  • HSL South Europe Atlantic Tours-Bordeaux
  • HSL Brittany Loire Valey Le Mans-Rennes
  • HSL Rhine-Rhone (interregional route)


  • UK: Channel Tunnel Rail Link to St Pancras (London)
  • HSL Northern Europe to Brussels
  • HSL Korea Seoul-Taegu-Busan and Honam HSL Seoul-Mokpo, HSL Madrid-Lérida
  • China: Dedicated passenger line (Qin-Shen)
  • China: 3 500 km of conventional lines
  • Spain: Figueras-Perpignan line

Mass Transit

Latest CBTC System technology   
With the RATP OCTYS project, Hitachi Rail STS France proposed a next generation Mass Transit CBTC system based on radio transmission and shared architecture with other signalling providers. This system, developed by Hitachi Rail STS France, will be in operation on the Paris Metro. It will be a major contribution to the MODURBAN standardization process. 
Mass transit expertise

Through its contracts all over the world and with more than a century of experience in Mass Transit and Railway systems, Hitachi Rail STS France, with the systems SACEM and TVM SACEM, has developed a fully integrated portfolio to support its customers:

  • ATS/CTC: Automatic Train Supervision
  • ATP: Automatic Train Protection
  • ATO: Automatic Train Operation
  • Driverless
  • Signalling system
  • Maintenance

Complete supervision solutions

Hitachi Rail STS France provides operators with a range of management tools integrated into supervision systems in different fields:

  • Centralised Traffic Control: the systems offered provide the operator with permanent monitoring. They enable route setting and regulation at any time.
  • Power Supply: Hitachi Rail STS France tools enable total supervision of the traction power supply. From the control room, the operator has complete access and control over the whole network. Moreover, there are simulation and decision assistance tools that are indispensable for undertaking complex operations or during emergencies.
  • Stations: from control centres, it is possible to maintain constant supervision of the many different types of equipment found on main line and metro stations, such as lifts, escalators, fans, fire alarms etc. Hitachi Rail STS France also offers a range of access control gates suitable for all types of stations.
  • Communications: systems such as closed circuit television systems, direct line telephone systems and passenger information systems (both screen-based and audio) are also available for control centres.

Projects and contracts: {links with the existing project to be implemented}

  • Paris Metro line 3 and RER line A
  • Paris Metro and Tramway network maintenance
  • Lyon Metro


  • Newcastle Metro
  • Lisbon Metro
  • Mexico City Metro
  • Caracas Metro
  • Hong Kong Metro
  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL 1 & 2)
  • Brussels Metro (Belgium)
  • Glasgow Metro (UK)
  • SL Red Line Metro (Sweden)
  • China Metro in cities of : Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Xian, Chengdu, Hangzhou, X’ian, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Tianjin

Service & Support

A complete expertise in railway project management 

Hitachi Rail STS France’s know-how is widely recognised in the following fields: 
Project development
Hitachi Rail STS France works from the definition of a user specification to the implementation of new signalling, ATC*, IXL* and ATS* systems and new technology for Metros such as CBTC. Hitachi Rail STS France provides the feasibility studies, system specifications, risk analysis, the organisation of safety cases, project management, programme etc...

* ATC = Automatic Train Control
* ATS = Automatic Train Supervision
* IXL = Interlocking 


System design

Hitachi Rail STS France provides operators with the technical assistance required to implement complex signalling and ATC and IXL systems, which today make use of very high level failsafe digital techniques. 

Hitachi Rail STS France carries out the analysis of user requirements, system design, performance simulation, implementation stage-work strategies, safety design, etc. 

Signalling design

The specialised teams at Hitachi Rail STS France, in conjunction with operators, are able to define and manage complete signalling programmes:

  • technical and lay-out drawings
  • performance analysis
  • signalling principles

Test & commissioning

Hitachi Rail STS France defines and carries out all the work necessary for the implementation of a new signalling system:

  • test strategy
  • test organisation
  • test and simulation procedures
  • validation of results.

The installation of new equipment requires training for the future users and maintenance teams. Hitachi Rail STS France provides its clients with the appropriate training courses adapted to the needs of each user. The training may be undertaken in classrooms using simulators, or in the field using the installed equipment.

Hitachi Rail STS France teams provide their clients with services which, besides maintenance and repairs, include analysis and organisation taking into account the whole equipment life-cycle. Hitachi Rail STS France defines the methods and tools which enable precise organisation and programming of maintenance so that optimum availability is obtained from the equipment. The methods and tools are constantly improved through major contracts awarded to Hitachi Rail STS France, such as the maintenance of the Paris, Lisbon and Caracas Metro systems and the Madrid-Lleida high speed line in Spain.