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Hitachi Rail STS is a leading technology company operating in the global Railway & Mass Transit Transportation Systems business with the provision of traffic management, planning, train control and signalling systems and services. It acts as lead contractor and turnkey provider on major projects worldwide.
Business Lines:
High Speed
Hitachi Rail STS has applied its signalling systems to over 50 % of all  High Speed lines worldwide and is undisputed leader in  ERTMS level 2, the most advanced High Speed signalling system today.
Main Lines & Freight
Hitachi Rail STS provides full-service capabilities to large railway networks like India, France, Italy and the US. It supplies systems for new lines being built in fast developing networks such as China and Australia. In Europe the company is central to upgrading towards ERTMS, leading to the interoperability of differing country networks.
Mass Transit & Light Rail
Hitachi Rail STS is proud of being the company which built world’s first steel wheel driverless Cenelec compliant (automatic and unmanned) metro in Copenhagen. Rome, Milan, Thessaloniki, Brescia and other cities have recently acquired similar systems from the company. A CBTC version of this system is also available.
Computer-based Interlocking
Hitachi Rail STS provides traffic solutions to stations of all sizes based on the most advanced technologies which have been used worldwide both in railways and metros. Their integration with centralized traffic control (CTC) and with automatic train protection (ATP) systems has also been proved in High Speed applications.
Planning, Supervision & Traffic Control
Hitachi Rail STS has developed solutions to supervise and optimize the utilization of  complex infrastructures. The company excels at managing traffic in and out of the most demanding networks and stations such as Rome, Manchester or in the US.
Hitachi Rail STS supplies the most advanced and reliable components including track circuits, switch machines, signals, Eurobalises®, relays, hot wheel detectors, highway crossing mechanisms, event recorders, the world-renowned MicroLok®, end of train systems, etc.
Operation & Maintenance
Hitachi Rail STS operates 24/7 transportation systems and provides the complete maintenance to ensure full service availability. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to maximizing the return on investment for our customers.

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