Hitachi Rail STS in Italy

Hitachi Rail STS is an international leader, with a global presence in the field of signalling and in the implementation of integrated transport systems, both for passenger traffic (Railway / Mass Transit), and for freight (Freight).
Hitachi Rail STS designs, manufactures and implements, signalling systems and components for the management and control of railway traffic and metro; designs, develops and plans how to carry out the works that make up the technological train and subway systems (Railway / Mass Transit and Freight).

Hitachi Rail STS can satisfy the technical and contractual requirements of projects of any size thanks to highly qualified personnel and a complete and innovative product portfolio that embodies the most advanced capabilities in the following fields:

  • Systems Integration in the area of "turnkey" railway and underground transport systems
  • High Speed Rail lines
  • Automatic Train Control, including the latest ERTMS / ETCS technology (European Rail Traffic Management System)
  • Computer Based Interlocking
  • Automatic Block System
  • Operation & Traffic Control
  • Wayside Signalling equipment


In Italy, Hitachi Rail STS provides full-service capabilities to large railway networks. 

In Europe, they are central to upgrading towards ERTMS, the new European Rail Traffic Management System, leading to the interoperability of different country networks. Recent contracts in Greece, Romania and the Czech Republic confirm this fact. 

Hitachi Rail STS is also a leader in High Speed Rail, where it has a presence in over 50% of the world’s High Speed Rail lines.

In Italy, Hitachi Rail STS has been key in the migration towards SCMT, (Italian Rail Traffic Management System), an innovative train control system that is compatible with the new ERTMS/ETCS and is designed to ensure interoperability on the European rail network. 

Hitachi Rail STS also offers the most technologically advanced solutions for Supervision and Traffic Control Centers as well as the most advanced, high-tech and safest components available in the market, designed and developed in its factory in Tito Scalo. 

Hitachi Rail STS's ACC Multistation Interlocking, is the perfect solution for all types of networks, be it High Speed Rail, Main Lines, Freight or Metros.                             

ACC provides traffic solutions to stations of all sizes. Its integration with Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems has also been proved in High Speed Rail applications.


Mass Transit

For over a century, Hitachi Rail STS has delivered industry-first solutions for rail transportation. Today, its sophisticated transit control systems build upon traditional signalling technology for a new generation of advanced systems in-step with evolving mass transit needs. 
Driverless Metros 

Hitachi Rail STS is proud to be the company that delivered the world’s first fully driverless steel wheel metro certified to strict European Cenelec safety standards, the Copenhagen metro in 2002. 

It is this driverless technology that has become the number one choice for safe and efficient mass transit by metros in Rome, Milan, Thessaloniki and Brescia. Driverless Automat Train Control (ATC) adds fully driverless capabilities to proven ATS, ATO and ATP technology.   

From a single-line metro installation to a continent-sized railway system, CBTC’s fully integrated systems provide continuous high speed, two way radio-based communication between the wayside and the vehicle. Carborne controllers determine the vehicle position and enforce movement within authority limits. Communication between adjacent zones, interlockings and carborne controllers safely maintain headway and line capacities. 
Conventional Metro 
Track Circuit-based ATC profile-based transit along with ATP, ATS and ATO subsystems enable driverless and semi-driverless operation for heavy and light rail transit. Proven, reliable technology in revenue service throughout the world provides built-in train detection. 
Light Rail

Our step-speed track circuit-based light rail solutions are customized to fit operating requirements. Complete central office, vehicle and wayside systems can be standalone or integrate with existing systems. Decades of experience in diverse wayside environments assures project success.


Service & Support

In Italy, Hitachi Rail STS operates 24/7 transportation systems and provides complete maintenance to ensure full service availability. Its policies guarantee frequent, fast and efficient service and maintenance for all customers; its solutions are based on the most advanced technologies; all of which demonstrates its commitment to maximizing the return on investment of customers.