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A leader in Scandinavia

Hitachi Rail STS Sweden is the largest supplier in Scandinavia of complete, flexible and efficient solutions for railway signalling, ATP (Automatic Train Protection) and traffic control.

Our ATP system increases safety by eliminating human error. The system relies on track-installed transponders (balises), which transfer information about signals and speed limits to the driver. If the train travels too fast, brakes are automatically applied, and as soon as the speed reaches the permitted limit, the driver can take over and continue driving. The result is safer and more efficient traffic control with a considerable improvement in the drivers’ work environment thanks to reduced stress.

The business activity covers everything from individual components to turnkey systems renowned for their unique safety and high level of reliability. In the fields of ATP and ERTMS, the company develops components and systems to offer cost-efficient solutions throughout the world. Our products have been implemented in a wide range of applications, among others in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Hitachi Rail STS Sweden’s roots are in the Nordic countries, where the main part of the activities are located. As part of the Ansaldo STS group, the company can provide a wide range of products which are employed in efficient solutions introduced in the home market, primarily Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic countries.

Full signalling coverage

Hitachi Rail STS Sweden is the dominating supplier of on-board ATP systems in the Nordic countries and in the forefront of ERTMS development. This is especially the case in Sweden, where our ATP systems are installed in almost all engines and motor coaches. For a historical perspective, the company has been involved in the development of ATP from the time it commenced in Sweden in the 1970s, and worked on drawing up the initial specifications.

Expansion of traffic cooperation throughout Europe, among others, requires standardisation of outdated country-specific signalling principles. As a result, signalling and ATP systems increasingly adhere to the European Rail Traffic Management System standard (ERTMS). We contributed to this development and are developing the Specific Transmission Module (STM) in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The STM is the module that enables transition from existing ATP systems to ERTMS, i.e. the link to the traffic system of the future.

Our customers include state railway companies as well as private and local traffic operators. Common to all, are the requirements on high quality, flexibility and traffic control integration, automation and compliance with existing signalling systems. This is why we primarily work with systems that rely on general modules, which can be incorporated and adapted to specific application requirements in large and turn-key projects.

Hitachi Rail STS Sweden works in close cooperation with clients to prepare optimal solutions for each individual project. This implies an active participation throughout the project from analysis of the requirements and a feasibility study through R&D, planning, simulation, testing, and installation to final commissioning. Naturally, we also offer training, maintenance and service – all with the aim of making projects progress smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of clients.

The wide range of products and services offered has made Hitachi Rail STS Sweden a valuable asset with strong global ties. This is why the company is the perfect partner for any signalling project.

Complete management solutions

To meet the varied needs of our clients, Hitachi Rail STS Sweden, together with the Hitachi Rail STS group, offers complete service and maintenance solutions.

To avoid compromising on safety and efficiency, the company provides operating and maintenance service, spare parts, repairs, stock keeping, distribution and round-the-clock emergency services across the world.

Looking forward to tomorrow the company remains focused on continuous development of safety solutions to make the future of railway traffic even more efficient and safe.

All in all, the Hitachi Rail STS group can supply products and systems for most track-based traffic control applications.

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