Customer Satisfaction (“CS”) activities are handled by a dedicated team made of the managers of the various departments: System Assurance & Control, Railways & Mass Transit Business Unit, Freight Business Unit, Operations and HSE, Facility Management & Physical Security.

Customer Satisfaction activities take place at various stages and are carried out using different tools to accurately monitor the level of customer satisfaction and project status until the completion of the project. These tools include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Monthly Meeting: monthly meetings via video-conferencing to discuss CS activities and reach decisions on the steps to be taken.
  • Customer Satisfaction Quarterly Reports: quarterly reports prepared with the support of the business unit managers on projects where Customer Satisfaction is critical. The Project Manager is responsible for reporting on critical points (in terms of planning, quality and costs) and the related mitigation action. A statistical analysis on the development of these critical points is attached to the report.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: a series of one-on-one interviews with top representatives of a sample of customers. The survey is carried out using a specific questionnaire.
Number of customer satisfaction surveys received  8 7
  • Complaints Management: the Project Managers are responsible for recording customers’ complaints, which are sent each quarter to the Customer Satisfaction Coordinator, until the complaint is resolved. The Customer Satisfaction Team checks and records all information and, twice a year, prepares a global analysis. This analysis is used as the basis to calculate the “customer complaint” KPI.
  • Customer Satisfaction of Project Teams: customer satisfaction is evaluated for each key project considering the following main aspects: costs, planning, service quality and product quality. The Regional BU managers gather the results of these surveys from the Project Managers. Finally, the CS Team checks the global results and their consistency with expectations.
  • Customer Satisfaction Reports: reports prepared twice a year by the Customer Satisfaction Process Owner. These reports summarise CS activities in the period (CS of the Project Teams, complaints analysis and focus on various projects) and are sent to the Company’s top management. Such reports are included in the Management Review.