The concept of “People Care” is a far-ranging concept for Hitachi Rail STS which covers worker wellbeing as both professionals and as people. È legato alla strategia del “Total Reward”, fondata su dimensioni tangibili e intangibili, in grado di migliorare la soddisfazione delle persone.

The concept is linked to the “Total Reward” strategy, based on tangibles and intangibles, to improve personal satisfaction. It is no coincidence that “People” is one of the company’s five values in its identity: people are at the very heart of the Organization, and this demonstrates the company’s focus on making the work place an environment where they can gain experience, develop competencies, forge relationships and find motivation continuously.

Hitachi Rail STS’s focus on people can be first seen in the way it guarantees a comfortable and motivational work environment by actively supporting, through its corporate processes, relationships between managers and employees and relationships between colleagues. Furthermore, there are various support services available in different countries for employees and, in some cases, their families as well.

Flexible schedules, agreements with entertainment and sports centers, benefits like health insurance, family open days, employee scholarships, corporate welfare and celebrations of successful projects are some of the tools used.

For more details on employee support initiatives, see Hitachi Rail STS for Employees see Hitachi Rail STS for Employees