Hitachi Rail STS is a public company with subscribed and paid in capital amount to €100,000,000.00 represented by 200,000,000 ordinary shares from the nominal value of €0.50 each. Hitachi Rail STS is a leading company operating in the sector of high technology for railway and urban transport. The Company operates in the design, implementation and management of systems and services for signalling and supervision of railway and urban traffic, as well as lead contractor.

Hitachi Rail STS is headquartered in Genoa, Italy and has over 4,228 employees in 28 different countries. The one hundred percent of the share capital is held by shareholder Hitachi Rail Italy Investments, sole shareholder

Hitachi Rail STS considers the social, economic, logistics, architectural, environmental and structural context of each project it handles, planning, designing and building signalling and railway and mass transit systems that provide the best possible combination of safety, efficiency and return on investment.

Global Presence

The company is present in: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Western Europe and North Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.


Presenza globale


The company operates worldwide as lead contractor, system integrator and supplier "turnkey" of the most important projects of mass transportation in metro and urban railways.
The various Legal Entities included in the company perimeter play activities in the fields of traffic management and control of trains, production of signalling systems and maintenance services, in the interests of efficiency and safety over time for both clients and for end users.

Main results 2017 

New orders amount to EUR 1,500.8 million compared with EUR 1,475.8 million in 2016, with an increase of 1.7%.

Order Backlog is EUR 6.457,5 million compared with 6.488,4 million of last year (-0.5%).
Revenue is EUR 1.361,0 million, an increase compared with the previous year’s value of EUR 1.327,4 million (+2.5%). The revenue increase is due to the greater progress of the projects in Americas and Middle East, partially offset by the decrease following the achievement of the final phase of some contracts in Asia Pacific area and Italy.

Operating income (EBIT) is EUR 100.8 million, a decrease of 20.5% compared with 2016 (126.8 million). Return on sales (ROS) is 7.4%, decreased compared with the previous financial year (9.6%). 

Net Invested Capital was EUR 371.5 million, compared to EUR 369.8 million of the previous year.

Net working capital is EUR 127.2 million (EUR 120.5 million in 2016); the reduction in overall inventories due to the increase in the value of advances from customers was offset by the reduction in trade payables and the increase in other net assets and liabilities.

Net Financial Position (positive net cash), amounts to EUR (357.5) million an increase compared to 2016 EUR (338.0) million. The Free Operating Cash Flow is EUR 30.6 million compared to EUR 37.9 million in 2016

The Group’s headcount increased by a net 277 employees to 4,228 from 3,951 at 31 December 2016.