Business Model

The Hitachi Rail STS target is to keep growing, meeting the demand of the market.

The Company will evolve its operating model according to the vision for the future, in addition to benefitting from being part of Hitachi Group.

The current operating model is well estabilished and fits with current business requirements. With the change in focus on new technologies and capabilities, the Company will develop additional specific competences and adapt its future way of doing business to the evolving transportation and mobility trends.

This will affect key elements of the current operating model:

  • signalling evolving to Next Generation, according to the future leading technologies (ERTMS / CBTC / Satellite) and including innovative value propositions relevant to Railways Operations and Asset Management;
  • turnkey approach enhancement, implementing P3 financing schemes and integrating new digital technologies;
  • structured approach to O&M activities, evolving into a Full Service offering.