Company values

In order to successfully achieve its objectives, Hitachi Rail STS bases its activity on the following values, which are shared by all employees:

To fulfil its objectives of achieving and maintaining leadership in its field, Hitachi Rail STS bases its corporate operation on a solid ethical foundation consisting of fundamental values and principles.

Everyone in the organization is expected to share these cultural and moral commitments, and to embrace these principles wholeheartedly.

The values in which Hitachi Rail STS believes and that inspire its business are:

Customer Focus
Hitachi Rail STS exists thanks to its customers and the extent to which the Company is able to understand and satisfy its customers’ needs and expectations and help them solve related problems.

Innovation and Excellence
Innovation and Excellence are at the heart of all Hitachi Rail STS activity; a constant drive  to deliver innovative and excellent products that sustain the Company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Customer satisfaction and the development of new products are the result of the ability of dedicated professionals. Hitachi Rail STS is a company founded on people. All people within the organization shall endeavour to make Hitachi Rail STS a place where one is proud to work; where one can learn, and where one can achieve and celebrate success.

Team Spirit
The Company’s operational objectives cannot be achieved by individuals acting alone; thus our people are able and willing to work together within an integrated global organization.

For people to work together effectively, they must foster mutual trust, which is possible only if everyone works and behaves in a transparent, loyal, honest and appropriate manner. Likewise, customers must be absolutely certain that integrity is a fundamental value for Hitachi Rail STS, which is reflected in product offerings characterized by the utmost care and attention to safety.

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