The success of Hitachi Rail STS is primarily based on its ability to meet its customers’ needs with high-tech and high valued added solutions.

Hitachi Rail STS boasts an integrated, global organisation capable of providing an adequate response to demand for standardised solutions in the railway transportation market and, in particular, the signalling technology market.

The Hitachi Rail STS organisation is based on five key cultural and organisational pillars:

Business Driven - Business-oriented organisation

  • Business units that report directly to the CEO of...
  • …with global responsibility for projects and regional commercial structures that are managed centrally

Strategic Center - Strategic management model based on strong centralised guidance

  • Strong centralised guidance for executive activities
  • Standardisation of operating methods and the transfer of expertise

Efficient - Industrialisation of executive activities

  • Harmonisation and standardisation of the execution and management of projects at a global level to facilitate the widespread application of know-how and best practices

Efficient - Globalisation of R&D to develop standard product portfolios

  • Definition and development of standard and global platforms and projects using standard development and design tools
  • Production and solutions to be customised for specific local applications

Global procurement management

  • Ensuring flexibility in the production and promotion of logistic synergies