Customer satisfaction and new product development come from the ability of dedicated professionals. For this reason, Hitachi Rail STS is a company founded on people. All members within the Company’s organization shall strive to make Hitachi Rail STS a place where one is proud to work, where one can learn, and where one can achieve and celebrate success.

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Our people are essential to successfully compete in the market. Honesty, loyalty, aptitude, professionalism and technical preparation

are aspects in which Hitachi Rail STS invests and which it requires from its employees so that they can achieve their personal and the company's growth objectives.


The concept of "People Care" is a far-ranging concept for Hitachi rail STS which covers worker wellbeing as both professionals and as people.

People are at the very heart of the Organization, and this demonstrates the company's focus on making the work place an environment where they can gain experience, develop competencies, forge relationships and find motivation continuously.


Working in hitachi rail STS means joining an international company, and sharing ideas and experiences with people of different ethnicities and cultures. It also means the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills through the exchange and collaboration with great professionals.

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