Working in Hitachi Rail STS means joining an international company, and sharing ideas and experiences with people of different ethnicities and cultures. It also means the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills through the exchange and collaboration with great professionals.

At Hitachi Rail STS the key to our success are people who with professionalism and integrity respond admirably to the needs of customers, by continually striving to develop new products and technologies, and putting into practice the values of innovation and excellence.

In this context, the development of individual and collective skills and knowledge sharing is a strategic objective that our company pursues, dedicating constant attention to the development and updating of training programs, facilitating the integration of young talent into international and cross-career paths , and ensuring  continuous learning during the course of each individual’s professional life.

Hitachi Rail STS promotes a culture of safety, to protect the health of our employees at work, developing risk awareness and promoting behaviors that abide by these principles, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

Hitachi Rail STS is a dynamic and challenging international Company committed to creating a "great place to work" where it is possible to gain professional satisfaction and to find challenging opportunities.