Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 15:15

The fi rst edition of the Sustainability Report of the Ansaldo STS Group (which will be published on an annual basis) represents the start of the social and environmental reporting activity of the company.

The methodology adopted for its implementation refers directly to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G3 of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) with an application level of B, and to the Principles for the preparation of the Social Report of the GBS (Social Report Study Group) as regards the determination and distribution of Added Value.

The 2009 Sustainability Report is the result of the activities of a cross-functional Project Group of Ansaldo STS which has made researches in the different business areas of the company in order to accurately describe the activities carried out during the 2009 fi nancial year and to defi ne the targets for improvement.

In order to ensure a balanced and fair presentation of the performance of the Ansaldo STS Group, the principles of materiality, stakeholder involvement, sustainability and completeness framework were applied; in order to ensure the quality of the information reported, the principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability were followed.