Friday, December 31, 2010 - 10:30

In 2010 Ansaldo STS Group made a net profi t of EUR 94,908 thousand as against EUR 87,800 thousand in 2009. The Group’s 2010 revenue was EUR 1,283,710 thousand, as against EUR 1,175,640 thousand in 2009. The Group’s operating margin was 10.7%, in line with that of 2009. At 31 December 2010 the orders were EUR 1,985,012 thousand as against EUR 1,786,071 thousand in 2009 - an increase of EUR 198,941 thousand. New orders received in 2010 were as follows.

  • In the Transportation Solutions Unit: acquisitions of EUR 1,142,756 thousand, mainly in respect of the award of the contract for the Copenhagen “Ring” metro (EUR 344,400 thousand), the linked Operation and Maintenance contract (EUR 232,400 thousand) as well as the Operation and Maintenance for Copenhagen’s existing lines (EUR 221,500 thousand). 
  • In the Signalling Unit: acquisitions of EUR 890,205 thousand mainly in respect of the Sirte-Bengazi railway line in Libya (EUR 201,800 thousand), contracts awarded in Italy (EUR 199.500 thousand) and other work acquired in the