Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 11:00

The Ansaldo STS Group recorded a net profit of EUR 48,785 thousand at 30 September 2011 compared with EUR 59,201 thousand recorded at 30 September 2010; revenue totalled EUR 841,559 thousand against EUR 879,496 thousand recorded in the third quarter 2010, with a Group’s return on sales equal to 9.2% compared with 9.9% recorded in the same period last year.

Orders came to EUR 921,191 thousand compared with EUR 1,009,517 thousand at 30 September 2010. The value of backlog is equal to EUR 4,623,041 thousand, increased from that for the end of 2010, which amounted to EUR 4,551,127 thousand. In the period from 3 January 2011 to 30 September 2011, the official price of the stock moved from EUR 9.15 (figure restated for purposes of comparison – originally EUR 10.67 - following the free share capital increase occurred on 4th July) to EUR 7.55, with a decrease of 17.5%.

The stock hit its highest value for the period with EUR 9.61, official closing price of 14 January 2011, and its lowest value with EUR 5.46, official closing price of 13 September 2011. The daily average volumes for the period amounted to 850,970 shares exchanged. In the period under review, the FTSE All Share Italy index fell by 25.6%, while the FTSE Italia STAR index dropped by 16.4%. Since the end of February, the stock was badly affected by the uncertainties due to the Libyan crisis, which brought a suspension of the activities for two important contracts in Libya. The management timely informed the market of the economic and financial risks that this situation might cause to the Group; in particular, when announcements were made in relation to the half-year report figures, it was necessary to update the guidance for 2011 to take also into consideration the lower volumes and margins resulting from the suspension of the two Libyan job-orders.