The organisation of Hitachi Rail STS, founded on the traditional corporate model, conforms to the provisions and is structured as follows:

  • General shareholders’ meeting. Has the authority to resolve, in ordinary and extraordinary sessions, on the matters reserved to it by the law or by the Company's By-laws.
  • Board of Directors. Is vested with full powers for the management of the Company, with the authority to take all appropriate actions to achieve the corporate purposes, excluding any actions which are reserved - by the law or by the By-laws - to the General Meeting.
  • Board of Statutory Auditors. the Board of Statutory Auditors has the task of supervising, pursuant to the rules of the Civil Code, and of the Consolidated Law on Statutory Audits (Legislative Decree no.39/2010) taking into consideration also the principles of conduct recommended by the Italian National Councils of Chartered and Registered Accountants.
  • Independent statutory auditing firm. The accounts are legally audited by a specialised company entered in the register of statutory auditors, appointed for this purpose by the Shareholders’ Meeting, on a justified proposal submitted by the Board of Statutory Auditors. The company entrusted with the statutory audit of the Hitachi Rail STS accounts is performing a similar task for the parent company Hitachi Rail Italy Investments S.r.l. and in almost all of Hitachi Rail STS’ subsidiaries.