Vision for the future

Future business as provider of integrated solutions embedding owned technologies
Vision for the future
  • Future commoditization of all Signalling technologies: Hitachi Rail STS to continue investing in CBTC/ERTMS that is globally replacing conventional Signalling technologies, becoming a commodity.
  • Automation, Digital and potentially Satellite as new enablers for the future Business Models and innovative Value Propositions (some opportunities in 2018-22, expected growth afterwards)
    Being part of the Hitachi Group gives us access to automation and digital technology areas that are extremely important to the next phase of the company.
    Signalling Next Generation basically means, use these new automation technologies to create the end-to-end solution. 
  • Hitachi Rail STS to leverage its strengths in Turnkey Management to become a full system integrator.
  • Business will be focused on the integration of all non conventional/advanced technologies in  End-to-End solutions for multi-modal operators.