06 June 2014, 12:15 pm

A structured approach to energy-related issues plays an essential role to Ansaldo STS: the company commits itself, through obtaining Guarantees of Origin (GOs), to voluntarily support the development of methods of producing energy by means of renewable sources.

This year, the number of GO certificates obtained by Ansaldo STS Italy through its supplier, Metaenergia, equals 100% of the company’s energy requirement.

The GO certificates that are to be acquired by the Finmeccanica Group companies during the present year amount to approximately 70% of the Group’s domestic (i.e. Italian) consumption, thus showing a significant increase compared to the 23% figure relative to the supplies for2013.

GO certificates feature a unit value of 1 MWh. They are released by the Energy Service Provider (a company controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance) through the qualification of renewable energy installations and the relevant inspection and measurement of the electric supply delivered to the network each month.

Thanks to the GO certificates obtained for 2014, our company will help avoid releasing more than 2,595 tons CO2 into the atmosphere during only one year, equal to an annual consumption of a municipality with 2,500 inhabitants and to the amount of CO2 released by nearly 1,100 motor vehicles (economy cars).

Our company was able to achieve this goal thanks to the results of the Finmeccanica Global Services’ Energy Management structured model, which makes it possible, through the careful and targeted management of energy supply procurement (implemented in collaboration with Metaenergia), to allocate the money savings obtained every year to the activities and initiatives supporting environmentally-friendly energy production sources.

To sum it up, we promote the use of energy based on environmental protection and sensible choices and we factually commit ourselves to the protection of the Earth for future generations.