09 November 2018, 14:15 pm

Simone Maccanti has been selected by Robert Morris University to teach a Distributed Systems course as part of the University’s Engineering Program. He is about half-way through his first semester-long teaching course, which focuses on classroom instruction and software engineering to build working distrusted systems. Simone’s class of 14 students is paired into teams to work on their projects.

So far, this whole experience has been great and they have already asked me to teach next semester,” said Simone. “I am really enjoying is the opportunity to help the students approach learning with more real-world experiences and techniques such as working in teams and brainstorming to identify and solve problems. My goal is to help them learn to use other skills, beyond their books, so they can apply those techniques in their careers.

Simone is also working with partners from our HR team to establish deeper ties to the University for recruiting potential employees, interns and cooperative students to join the company. His team is currently looking to attract both a Principal Software Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer