04 December 2018, 18:15 pm

Ansaldo STS achieved a new technological success in Naples. On Sunday 25th of November, our colleagues completed the technological upgrade of the Automation and Supervision System (SCC) of the control centre in Naples. This upgrade was achieved on the Formia – Napoli Centrale line, specifically, the track running between Aversa and the county town. 

The new ACC Casoria Interlocking delivered by our company, with the ACC San Marcellino, represents the final step in the complete modernisation of the Napoli Centrale – Villa Linterno line, which will permit the use of an electronic control system.           

This upgrade contributes to the overall management and safety of railway traffic, as well as to control a greater number of trains at the same time. Finally, thanks to our new distance spacing system, problems on the tracks due to malfunction or maintenance services will be reduced.