15 February 2018, 10:45 am

Work will lead you to many goals, but I suggest you never lose interest for knowledge. Be curious and take every challenge and opportunity life offer you because they will lead you to even more extraordinary and unpredictable achievements.

These are the words with which Andrea Luzinat (Senior Vice President Human Resources & Organization) welcomed German and Italian students (who joined the company through the “alternanza scuola-lavoro” initiative) in our headquarters in Genoa.

This year, for the second time in row, Ansaldo STS will host 16 high school students, namely pupils from the Cassini and the Andrea D’Oria Genoese institutes, showing them our work environment.

The “alternanza scuola-lavoro” project, established by the Italian law 107/2015, involves students who are about to finish high school, guiding them through the complex labour market and helping them to choose their future path. It is an initiative that represents an enriching occasion both for firms and students.

Ansaldo STS promotes the relationship with high schools and university in order to support young minds that bring with them new ways of thinking and perspectives which will be useful for our growth. The students, being involved with technology in their daily life, can give feedbacks and make suggestions helping our company finding new chances of innovation and improvement.

At the same time, the pupils will be able to understand what the working life is like, face the simplest and most complex meaning of employment, and see how an international firm works. Through the knowledge and the contact with this reality, they will be able to develop their interest and shape their future.

The goal of Ansaldo STS goes beyond a mutual exchange of knowledge and thoughts with the involved students, it aims at the reconsideration of what we can call a “Young apprenticeship program” that has been harshly criticized last year in Italy.

Since the very first moment Ansaldo STS welcomed us as actual colleagues and not mere students,” affirm some of the pupils involved in the project. “We are satisfied with this first week because we got in contact with corporate issues we never imagined, for example sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).