10 January 2017, 11:30 am

After its successive implementations on Gyeongbu and Honam High Speed Lines in Korea since two decades ago, Ansaldo STS is proud to announce that Sudokwon High Speed Line has begun the revenue service on the 9th of December, 2016.

Ansaldo STS has provided ATC system with TVMS technology for 61km long and 300km/h maximum speed in extremely short duration; 18 months after the contract signed. ASTS has partnerships with LSIS, consortium leader of this project, to provide its last upgrade ITCS technology already implemented on Honam HSL.

The SR High Speed Railway in Korea is the newly built high-speed railway from Suseo in southeast Seoul to a junction with the existing Gyeongbu HSR which provide an alternative Seoul terminus for Gyeongbu line and Honam line services to Busan and Mokpo.

The SR High Speed Railway project uses a 61.1 km long high-speed railway connecting from Suseo in Seoul to Pyeongtaek was mostly built in tunnels and the Yulhyun tunnel takes up 83 percent of the total railway. Over 52km long, it is the third longest rapid transit railway tunnel in the world, built up to 50m underground, including at Dongtan the first underground station for high speed trains in the world.

SR provides the passenger services from Suseo, southern part of Seoul to Busan (80 round trips per day) and Mokpo (40 round trips per day), which results in 43% increase of capacity and eases for the passengers to travel all around in Korea.

The current Korean HSL network was built in four stages: Seoul–Daegu (revenue services in 2004), Daegu–Busan (revenue services in 2010), Osong-Gwangju (revenue services in 2015) and now, Suseo-Pyeongtaek in operation this December 9th 2016, allowing to serve both Gyeongbu, Honam and Jeolla lines.

Ansaldo STS has been a leader in signaling system supplier in Korea not only for High Speed Lines but also for Conventional Railways and Metro lines since more than 30 years. Opening SR Line in accordance to such short schedule is the evidences that Ansaldo STS has the state of the art technology and the resources committed to the customer. Ansaldo STS will continue its best to support and improve the railway network in Korea.