The manager responsible for the preparation of the corporate financial documents:  

  • arranges adequate administrative and accounting procedures for the preparation of the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements as well as any other communication of a financial nature;
  • issues a written declaration certifying that the documents and communications released to the market by the company and relating to the company's accounting information, including information on a mid-year basis, reflect the content of the company's documents, registers and accounting records ;
  • together with the Chief Executive Officer, certifies, by means of the appropriate report on the financial statements, on the abbreviated half-year financial statements and on the consolidated financial statements:
    • that, during the period that the documents refer to, the administrative and accounting procedures referred to above were adequate and effectively implemented;
    • that the documents have been drawn up in compliance with the applicable international accounting standards recognised in the EU pursuant to del Regulation (EC) No. 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and Council of 19 July 2001;
    • that the documents reflect the results in the registers and the accounting records; 
    • that the documents are capable of providing a true and correct representation of the capital, financial position and operating results of the issuer and the group of enterprises included in the consolidation;
    • for the financial statements and for the consolidated financial statements, that the management report includes a reliable analysis of operational performance and result as well as the issuer's position and the position of the enterprises included in the consolidation, together with the description of the main risks and uncertainty that they are exposed to;
    • for the abbreviated half-yearly financial statements, that the intermediate report on operations contains a reliable analysis of the information referred to in paragraph 4 of Section 154-ter of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998;
  • with reference to the financial statements of foreign subsidiaries based in countries considered as being non-transparent that are identified pursuant to Section 165-quater, paragraph 1 and 165-ter,, paragraph3, of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 - and annexed to the company's financial statements pursuant to Section 165-quater - certifies that these provide a true and correct representation of the capital, financial position and operating results for the financial year and signs the directors' report on relations between the company and the aforementioned foreign companies;
  • together with the Control and Risk Committee, assesses the correct use of the accounting standards and their consistency for the purpose of the preparation of the consolidated financial statements.

The manager has adequate powers and means in order to be able to carry out his or her duties and responsibilities.  

The manager may exchange information with other bodies and departments in the company and may be invited to attend the relevant meetings.