14 June 2018, 12:30 pm

We hereby announce that, today, Ansaldo STS S.p.A. By-Laws, which have been amended by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 10 May 2018, have been made available to the public at the registered office, on the Company’s website at the address, as well as on the authorized storage system at

With the same procedure a marked-up version of the By-Laws, in which changes made to the previous text are highlighted, is also available.

Please note that the amendments of the By-Laws regard the articles 3.1 (Company duration) and 29.1 (Balance sheet and profits) and are related to the amendment on the closing date of the financial year from 31 December to 31 March of each year.

The amended By-Laws has also been filed and registred in the Genoa Companies’ Register respectively on 7 June 2018 and on 12 June 2018.