01 August 2017, 14:00 pm

Genova, 1st Agust 2017 

We hereby announce that the eight edition of Ansaldo STS’s annual Sustainability Report for the year 2016 has been made available to the public on the Company’s website today. 

The Board of Directors approved the 2016 edition drafted in compliance with the G4 “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines ”In Accordance Core” option. 

This Report was subject to the limited assurance audit by the auditing company Ernest & Young, according to the provisions of the ISAE 3000 (revised). 

The 2016 Report includes further developments to previous editions, such as a new analysis of materiality created by increasing Stakeholder engagement. In this edition, the mapping of the opportunities and potential risks related to sustainability are also highlighted, such as the analysis and accounting of engagement activities. 

The CEO and General Director of Ansaldo STS, Andy Barr, addressing all the Stakeholders, stated as follows: 

"We consider sustainability in terms of social development, thus contributing to security, efficiency, reliability and respect for the environment with solutions which are moving on daily millions of people and transporting goods needed to all; focusing on technological solutions in response to user needs in increasingly complex and diverse contexts and lifestyles. 

That is why, in 2016, we wanted to consolidate the bases of our action, which go through the preservation of the environment and resources, respect and protection of people and their security, collaboration with local communities and dissemination of the principles of CSR with all partners working with us.” 

Ansaldo STS is part of the UN Global Compact and is a co-founder partner and promoter of the Global Compact Network Italia Foundation; it subscribes to the Carbon Disclosure Project and is part of the UNIFE Sustainable Transport Committee. 

Ansaldo STS has a website area devoted to sustainability, in which it also publishes an online version of the Report, known as the Integrated Review, with the aim of providing an information platform that integrates financial, social and environmental vision. This platform will be updated with highlights from this latest edition. 

Our culture of sustainability produces concrete facts. In 2016, we completed and delivered more than 30 projects, systems and activated lines in different parts of the world; around 1300 km of lines and more than 190 stations equipped with our technology. 

Works undertaken in compliance with this form of planning and ethics, as demonstrated by the main results highlighted in the new edition of the sustainability report, including: 

  • 34 new sustainability objectives for 2016 
  • Energy intensity index for hours worked on production sites -10.7% 
  • Electricity for hours worked on production sites -12.3% 
  • 74,269 hours of training provided 
  • 97.3% permanent employment contracts 

The 2016 Sustainability Report is available online in Italian and English at: