02 August 2006, 15:00 pm

Ansaldo STS, second quarter 2006: orders, profitability and cash flow continue to rise

Value of production rises to EUR 236 million (+12% compared with the same period of 2005)

The Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS, chaired by Mr Alessandro Pansa, approved the quarterly report at 30 June 2006
and examined the preliminary results for the first half of the year.

  •  Acquired orders rose by 9.4% in the period, bringing the total order backlog to EUR 2.4 billion. Growth in the first half came to 21.9%.
  •  The value of production rose from EUR 210 million to EUR 235.7 million, an increase of 12% on the yearearlier period. For the first half of 2006 the expansion amounted to 19.1%, from EUR 374.6 million to EUR 444.8 million.
  •  The income statement for the second quarter of 2006 shows stable operating results (EBIT), raising operating performance for the first half from EUR 33.5 million to EUR 42.3 million, an increase of 26.3% net of listing costs.
  •  Free operating cash flow rose from EUR 77.7 million to EUR 133.8 million in the second quarter this year, with the net financial position increasing from EUR (161.3) million to EUR (181.6) million, or 12.6%.