16 November 2012, 11:45 am

Genoa, 16 November 2012

As communicated to the market on 17 October 2012, on 12 November 2012 Ansaldo STS S.p.A. acquired 27,750 ordinary shares of Ansaldo STS S.p.A at a price of EUR 6,2998 per share net of commission and on 13 November acquired 27,750 ordinary shares of Ansaldo STS S.p.A. at a price of EUR 6,2541 per share net of commission, for a total of 55,500 own shares (corresponding to approximately the 0,035% of the share capital). These purchases form part of the share buyback programme authorised by the shareholders' meeting held on 7 May 2012.
The own shares were acquired to service the share incentive plans approved by the company.
The purchases were made on the regulated market in accordance with the limits indicated by the shareholders’ authorisation and applicable laws and regulations, including those set out in Regulation (EC) 2273/2003, and admitted market practices as set out in Consob Regulation 16839/2009.
In light of these acquisitions, of the 529 own shares held by the Company as of 17 October 2012 as well as of further 736 own shares residual from past incentive plans, the company now holds 56.765 own shares.

Details of the purchases made on 12 November 2012 and on 13 November 2012 are shown below.

DateTimeNo. of ordinary
shares purchased
Net price
of purchase (€)
Purchase price
12 November 2012 15.3727,7506.2998174,819.45
13 November 2012 15.3227,7506.2541173,551.28

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