28 March 2014, 17:45 pm

Genoa, March 28th, 2014

ProInversion, the Peruvian state-owned company acting on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, assigned to the consortium ‘Nuevo Metro de Lima’ a 35-year concession contract for the Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Line 2 and a branch of Line 4 of the Lima metro

The contract involves the concession for Line 2 and a branch of Line 4, with a duration of 35 years. The construction phase for design, construction and financing is anticipated to take five years, while the Operation and Maintenance phase is expected to take an additional 30 years.

The Metro project in Lima for the L2 & L4 lines includes 35 underground stations, 35 km of tunnels, two depots and 42 vehicles.

The ‘Nuevo Métro de Lima’ consortium is comprised of Iridium Concesiones de Infrastructura S.A, Vialia Sociedad Gestora de Concesiones de Infrastrutructura S.L., Salini-Impregilo S.p.A., Cosapi S.A., Ansaldo STS S.p.A and AnsaldoBreda S.p.A..

Within the framework of the project, Ansaldo STS’s responsibility includes the design, supply and installation, Test & Commissioning, system integration for the whole electromechanical package (Signalling, Power Supply, Telecommunication, Platform Screen Doors, Depot Equipment, Control Centers, Automatic Fare Collection, Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition and SCADA).

Ansaldo STS will also provide Operation & Maintenance of both lines for 30 years.

The solution that Ansaldo STS will deploy in Lima consists of Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) technology with Unattended Train Operation (UTO), which is currently the most advanced signalling technology in the Mass Transit sector.

"With this contract," - comments Stefano Siragusa, CEO of Ansaldo STS - "we achieve 250 km of fully automated metro around the world and we consolidate our presence in the important market of Peru for a long time thanks to the Operation & Maintenance activities. This contract represents a great success for Ansaldo STS and is a confirmation of our ability to carry out projects for Mass Transit market."

Thanks to its proven range of Mass Transit & Railway solutions, Ansaldo STS is an undisputed partner of rail operators and train builders around the world. Its main ongoing projects in the area of urban transport include the new Copenhagen city ring (Denmark), the Stockholm red line (Sweden), the Riyadh metro line 3 (Saudi Arabia) and the Taipei circular line (China), all of them involving CBTC UTO systems.


Customer : ProInversion, the Peruvian State owned company acting on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication

Duration of the project: Construction phase: 5 years Operation & Maintenance: 30 years

Technology : CBTC - UTO

Note for editors

The “CBTC” (Communications-Based Train Control) traffic management system has been developed to increase performance and efficiency of the metro systems. Unlike other radio-based traffic management systems for railway applications, (ERTMS Level 2 and 3), CBTC technology is not a standard and every provider has developed its own technology.

The Driverless UTO (Unattended Train Operation) stands for fully automatic metro system with no staff onboard.