28 October 2016, 21:45 pm

Milan, 28th October 2016

The Board of Directors, today, appointed by majority Mr. Alberto de Benedictis Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors replacing Ms. Katherine Mingay.

Mr. Alberto de Benedictis had been appointed as independent Director of the Company by the Shareholders’ meeting that was held on 13 May 2016. Mr. Alberto de Benedictis’ CV is available on the Company’s website www.ansaldo-sts.com.

Mr. Alberto de Benedictis does not hold financial instruments issued by the Company.

The Board of Directors also voted by majority to establish a Bid Committee. The Bid Committee membership will be made up of the Chairman, Mr. Alistair Dormer, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andrew Barr and Ms. Katherine Mingay. The Committee will have delegated powers to evaluate and approve bids finalized to grant contracts for public and private sector customers, ranging from Eur 150 million to Eur 350 million per single transaction.

Commenting on these changes, Alistair Dormer, Chairman stated:

Kate Mingay joined the Board in May 2016, and took on the role of Deputy Chairman, even though we both only ever envisaged this as a short term appointment given she is not an Italian speaker. Kate is a highly valued member of the Board and her experience in project finance, structuring PPPs/concessions in the rail sector and public sector procurement is a real asset to the company.”

On October 19th, 2016 Mr. Roberto Carassai signed a mutual agreement for the termination of his relationship with the Company, due to his intention to pursue a new professional path outside the Company. Therefore, starting from February 28th 2017 Mr. Roberto Carassai will leave the position of CFO and Director Responsible for the Company’s accounting statements.

Mr. Rolberto Carassai does not hold financial instruments issued by the Company.