05 March 2013, 17:45 pm

Genoa March 5th, 2013

  • Consolidated and draft financial statements 2012 approved
  • Profit for the year ended December 31, 2012 where EUR 76 million (+3.6%) 
  • New orders worth EUR 1,492 million (-31.0%) 
  • Order backlog at 31 December 2012 worth EUR 5,683 million (+4.2%) 
  • Revenue EUR 1,248 million (+3.0%) 
  • EBIT EUR 117 million (+0.9%) 
  • Net Financial Position (liquidity) EUR (302) million (+4.2%) 
  • Dividend to be proposed to the Shareholders’ meeting EUR 0.18 per share 
  • Guidance 2013
  • Corporate Governance Report 
  • Remuneration Policy 2013 Remuneration Report 
  • Resignation of Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS SpA (STS.MI), which met today under the chairmanship of Alessandro Pansa, has approved draft 2012 financial statements, which will be presented to the Shareholders’ meeting to be convened by the Board of Directors to approve these accounts.

The Board also approved the consolidated financial statements of the Ansaldo STS for the full year 2012.

In 2012, Ansaldo STS recorded consolidated Net Profit of EUR 75.7 million, compared with EUR 73.1 million booked in 2011. The Board of Directors has decided to propose to the shareholders’ meeting a dividend of EUR 0.18 for each share with dividend rights, gross withholding tax, compared with EUR 0.175 per share of the previous year (amount restated after the third tranche of the capital increase of July 9th 2012, which increased the number of shares from 140 to 160 million).

The dividend will be payable as from 23 May 2013, with an ex-dividend date May 20th 2013 (coupon no. 9) with a payout ratio of 38.1% of consolidated profit of the year, compared to 38.3% 2011 . Pursuant to art. 83-terdecies of the Legislative Decree no. 58 February 24th, 1998, will be entitled to the dividend those who will be shareholders of Ansaldo STS SpA at the end of the accounting day of May 22nd, 2013 (the record date).

Sergio De Luca, CEO of Ansaldo STS, stated:
"The year just ended is considered clearly positive and in line with expectations, despite of a broader context of international crisis, with market still characterized by a reduction in investments, particularly evident in certain geographic areas and with consequent growth of competition and pressure on prices. Especially worth mentioning, delivery of some important projects such as the automated metro for the Riyadh’s Women University, the Genoa’s metro, the CBTC signalling system of Chengdu in China and in early 2013 the metros in Milan Line 5 and Brescia, which are proven technologies and management success in compliance with the commitments and targets assigned ".