04 April 2016, 18:30 pm

Genoa, April 4th 2016 

Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) announced that - considering Mr. Mauro Giganti, Manager of the Internal Audit function, left the company on March 31st 2016- the Board of Directors, further to the proposal of Mr Stefano Siragusa as Director in charge of the Internal Control and Risk Management System, and with the agreement of the Control and Risk Committee, has entrusted the charge of the Internal Audit function to an external company, Protiviti S.r.l., identifying Mr. Giacomo Galli, Managing Director and Country Leader of that company, as Internal Audit manager. 

The Board of Statutory Auditors, insofar as it is concerned, has considered favorably the entrustment of Protiviti S.r.l. as well as the appointment of Mr. Galli as Internal Audit manager. 

Protiviti S.r.l and Mr. Giacomo Galli succeed Mr. Mauro Giganti as of April 1st 2016. 

Entrusting this assignment, the Board of Directors has verified within Protiviti S.r.l. the existence of professional requirements, independence and organization provided by the Corporate Governance Code of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. to which Ansaldo STS declared to comply with.