05 February 2013, 15:45 pm

The company Metro 5 S.p.a., in which a stake is held by Ansaldo STS from Finmeccanica group, realised the first section of Milan light underground railway “Line M5” from Bignami to Zara

Milan, 5th February 2013

The work is being carried out on a project financing basis by the concessionary company Metro 5 S.p.a., in which stakes are held by Ansaldo STS, Ansaldo Breda (a company belonging to Finmeccanica), Astaldi, Alstom. The work will be carried out and maintained during the next 30 years by the concessionary company Metro 5 which will avail itself of ATM work and experience, which is the current provider of the other Milan undergrounds.

The current path travels through 7 stations, from Bignami (Fulvio Testi area) to Zara, but by the end of 2013 it will go as far as Garibaldi station, and will be then completed in San Siro in 2015. On its completion, the underground will provide users with a line of almost 13 km with a journey time of 26 minutes calling at 19 stations. This will be integrated with the other Milanese transportation systems.

Ansaldo STS, a company belonging to Finmeccanica, is definitely one of the main players in the operating of the new Milan light underground railway, as it has planned and operated the underground ‘brain’, namely the signalling system with driverless technology, without a driver on board of trains or any human presence inside stations.
Ansaldo STS driverless technology, which is now well-established, is a main player on a worldwide level: the first example of this type was in Copenhagen, as a driverless underground was commissioned in October 2002, and it later received the award as Best Metro in the World in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The characteristic of the driverless system is that underground trains are controlled through a central system, which is the control room. This enables the supervision of the train operation throughout the entire day, providing travellers with a continuous and constant assistance.

There are several advantages compared with standard undergrounds: the vehicles and infrastructures are limited, this then results in investment reductions. Furthermore automation enables lower staff management costs (absence of drivers and agents inside stations); train transit frequency is higher and it can be changed in a considerably fast and straightforward way; delays accumulated during the day are automatically recovered; the system modulates train frequency based on daily traffic needs, by increasing routes during peak hours and reducing them during off-peak hours. Another strength element is safety, which reaches very high levels, excluding the possibility of human errors.

“The work we are presenting today –Sergio De Luca, Ansaldo STS CEO, declared,- was conceived in order to respond to the congestion of the radial axle Zara-Testi, which is one of the most important city’s traffic routing. I am sure that, in particular, users will appreciate the significant advantages that driverless technology can give in terms of usability and safety, and that our company has been carrying out these projects worldwide and obtaining important awards”.

Ansaldo STS is currently the leader in this field, as it carried out or is carrying out 10 projects for a total of 170 km of railway line, which cover Milan, Copenhagen, Brescia, Thessaloniki, Rome, Riyadh, Taipei and Honolulu.

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