04 April 2013, 08:30 am

The contract has been signed in presence of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and Mr François Hollande, President of France

The Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF) has awarded to the consortium consisting of Ansaldo STS France and Cofely Ineo, the design and supply of the railway signalling, telecommunications and control traffic center of the future 183 km High Speed Line connecting the cities of Tangiers and Kenitra (along Atlantic coast). The total amount of the contract is Euro 120 Million.

Casablanca, 4th April, 2013

Within the frame of the contract, Ansaldo STS, the leader of the consortium and reference company for the railway signalling and automations, based on its excellence in the French High Speed domain, will cover all of the phases of the signalling implementation from design to integration and commissioning.

Ansaldo STS will provide the telecommunication equipment, next generation interlocking, track circuits, ERTMS Level 1 & 21 based automatic train control and automatic train protection, as well as the control traffic centre located in Rabat. These technologies have either already been deployed or are currently under deployment in France.

Cofely Ineo, the major integrator of railway signalling solutions, will deploy the wayside equipment and will provide the power supply and the relating cable networks. Its engineering office will provide all of the execution plans required for the installation of complex and critical systems.

The complete system will allow safe and reliable commercial operations on the new line, up to 320 km/h.

With particular attentiveness to the social and economical development of Morocco, both Cofely Ineo and Ansaldo STS, within their respective domains, will strive to establish local partnership in order to organize and manage the transfer of knowledge to support the development of the skills and professionalism within the high speed rail sector.

Ansaldo STS, a Finmeccanica company, generates €1.2 billion revenues and employs around 4 000 people dedicated to design and develop cutting-edge technologies within the global rail transportation industry.
This new contract confirms Ansaldo STS' undisputed leadership in the ERTMS / ETCS (1) solutions and in high speed railway technology.
Since the introduction of the high speed rail in France and beyond, more than thirty years ago, Ansaldo STS has collaborated with railway operators and trains builders in the design and development of safe, interoperable and sustainable railway signalling.
Among the pioneers of the railway signalling technologies, Ansaldo STS has built or modernized hundreds of kilometres of high speed rail networks and has designed thousands of vital computers and sub-systems installed on board high speed trains around the world.

About Cofely Ineo, GDF SUEZ Group
Cofely Ineo, with a staff of 15 500 employees generated €2,3 billion in revenues in 2012, is a French leader in electrical installations, information and communication systems, and related services. With over 300 locations in France, Cofely Ineo offers highly accessible solutions and services to customers in the building services, industrial, energy, defense & security, telecommunications and transportation sectors. Cofely Ineo is a part of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, European leader in multi-technical services and one of the six business lines of GDF SUEZ, one of the world’s leading energy providers.

(1) ERTMS: European Rail Traffic Management System

ETCS : European Train Control System PRESS RELEASE