17 February 2020, 13:00 pm
  • Latest contract cement Hitachi’s leading ERTMS market position in the Nordics
  • ERTMS for fleet of 60 diesel locos for Finnish Railways underlines strong collaboration between manufacturer of train and ERTMS provider

Hitachi Rail’s leading role in the supply of on-board ERTMS systems to train operators in the Nordics has been further strengthened, with the award of its latest contract to install VR Finland’s newly-ordered fleet of diesel locos with the technology.

Hitachi will install its ERTMS technology to 60 locos, with options for further deliveries up to 2030, which are being delivered to the Finnish operator by Stadler Rail Valencia.

The on-board system provided under the contract includes both ERTMS Baseline 3.6 and the Finnish STM (STM-JKV). Hitachi Rail’s solution to be deployed aboard the new fleet will contribute to increasing the interoperability and availability of the trains, ensuring high quality services for operator and end-users.

Eric Morand, Hitachi Rail’s VP for the Nordics Region, commented:

“Over the last few years, we have experienced an unprecedented increase in the Nordic ERTMS on-board market, both for the upgrade of existing fleets and equipping brand new trains. This latest order confirms not only Hitachi’s leading position in the ERTMS on-board Nordic market, providing the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability, but also underlines our long-standing relationship with Stadler following the recent entry into passenger service of their KISS/DOSTO trains, utilising our ERTMS technology, on the Mälab regional network”.