11 August 2015, 09:15 am

Genoa, 11 August 2015

S.p.A. pursuant to Article 125-ter of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 for the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting convened for 1 October 2015 in first call and, if required, for 2 November and 1 December 2015, respectively, in second and third call, has been made available to the public at the Company’s Headquarters, on its website at www.ansaldo-sts.com/en/shareholders-meeting/general-meeting, as well as on the “NIS-Storage” authorized storage system at www.emarketstorage.com. The Report concerns the items on the agenda of the Meeting, and more specifically: (i) Appointment of the Board of Directors and (ii) Waiver of the corporate liability action against ceased Directors pursuant to Article 2393 of the Italian Civil Code.

Further documents relating to the ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting will be made available to the public in accordance with the terms and manners set out by the applicable laws.