12 January 2017, 21:45 pm

Genoa,12thJanuary 2017

We hereby announce that today, in addition to the documents published on 4th January 2017, further to the request sent by the shareholders Elliott International L.P, The Liverpool Limited Partnership and Elliott Associates L.P. to the Company on 12th January 2017, the following legal opinions concerning the independence requisites of the director Mr. Alberto de Benedictis have been made avaible to the public at the Company’s headquarters, on the storage system at the website www.emarketstorage.com, as well as on the Company’s website at the address http://www.ansaldo-sts.com/en/governance/shareholder-meeting/shareholders-meeting-2017-appointing-external-auditor:

  1. pro veritate opinion issued by Professor Umberto Tombari on 6th July 2016;
  2. legal opinion issued by Professor Pier Gaetano Marchetti on 4th July 2016, requested by the Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors, Mr. Giacinto Sarubbi;
  3. pro veritate opinion issued by Professor Carlo Angelici on 12th December 2016;
  4. legal opinion issued by Professor Alberto Mazzoni on 18th December 2016, delivered from the director Mr. Giuseppe Bivona during the Board meeting of 19th December 2016 and not examined from the Company’s Board of Directors.