06 April 2018, 15:45 pm

We hereby announce that today the following documents have been made available to the public at the Company’s registered office, on the Company’s website at the address, as well as on the storage system at the website

  • the Remuneration Report drafted pursuant to art. 123-ter TUF and art. 84-quater of Consob Regulation no. 11971 of 14 May 1999, as amended and supplemented; 
  • the explanatory report drafted by the Board of Directors regarding the first section of the Report on Remuneration; 
  • the explanatory report concerning the integration of the remuneration of the Independent Auditors. 

Further documents relating to the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting convened on 10 May 2018 will be made available to the public as provided by law.