18 April 2016, 15:45 pm

Milan, April 18th 2016   

The main first quarter key performance indicators, as detailed in the table below, are the following:  

  • Order backlog at EUR 6,417.3 million (EUR 6,428.4 million at first quarter 2015) 
  • New Orders acquired at EUR 311.3 million (EUR 347.1 million at first quarter 2015)  
  • Revenue of EUR 291.2 million, increased compared with EUR 284.6 million at first  quarter 2015 
  • EBIT reclassified of EUR 25.8 million, +8.4% compared with first quarter 2015 (EUR 23.8 million at first quarter 2015). EBIT of EUR 23.4 million 
  • EBIT margin (ROS) reclassified is 8.9%, 50 basis points higher compared with first quarter 2015. (8.4% at first quarter 2015). EBIT margin (ROS) is 8.0% 
  • Net Result reclassified of EUR 21.3 million, +20.3% compared with first quarter 2015 (EUR 17.7 million at first quarter 2015). Net Result of EUR 19.7 million 
  • Net Result reclassified is 7.3% of revenue, 110 basis points higher versus 6.2% at first quarter 2015. Net Result is 6.8% of revenue.  
  • Free operating cash flow (FOCF) reclassified at EUR (6.8) million, compared with  EUR 48.2 million of first quarter 2015. Free operating cash flow (FOCF) at EUR (8.5) million 
  • Net Financial Position reclassified (cash surplus) of EUR (330.0) million, compared with EUR (342.5) million at March 2015. Net Financial Position (cash surplus) of EUR (328.3) million   

The Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) has examined today the Company first quarter 2016 preliminary estimates concerning the consolidated financial statements and unanimously congratulated the CEO for these achievements.  

The Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Stefano Siragusa, thanking the Board of Directors for support and appreciation, stated that "the results are about the entire management team and all the colleagues who, with passion and determination, welcomed the innovative transformation project launched almost three years ago when I had the honour of being called to lead Ansaldo STS. Thanks to this project, Ansaldo STS, in just three years, has further strengthened its economic, financial and patrimonial situation: new orders grew by 160%, revenues by about 20%, net result of approximately 80% and cash generation of about 90%. These results allow Ansaldo STS, their professionals, but also Customers and Shareholders all to look to the future with confidence".