11 February 2013, 17:30 pm

Genoa, 11 February 2013

  • Revenues of EUR 1,248 million
  • EBIT of EUR 117 million, EBIT margin (ROS) of 9.4%
  • Net Profit 76 million
  • New orders worth EUR 1,492 million
  • Order backlog at EUR 5,683 million
  • Net financial position of (302) EUR million

The Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) met today under the chairmanship of Alessandro Pansa to examine the preliminary estimates for the company’s main results for consolidated financial statements 2012, which are as follows:

Revenues of EUR 1,248 million (EUR 1,212 million at 31/12/2011);
EBIT at EUR 117 million (EUR 116 million at 31/12/2011);
Net Profit at EUR 76 million (EUR 73 million at 31/12/2011);
New orders worth EUR 1,492 million (EUR 2,164 million at 31/12/2011);
Order backlog at EUR 5,683 million (EUR 5,453 million at 31/12/2011);
EBIT margin (ROS) at 9.4% (9.6% at 31/12/2011);
Net financial position of (302) EUR million; (290) EUR million at 31/12/2011.

Christian Andi, the director responsible for drawing up the company’s accounting statements, hereby declares, pursuant to article 154-bis, paragraph 2 of the Testo Unico della Finanza law, that the information contained in this press release accurately represents the figures contained in the Group’s accounting records.

Please note that the figures contained in this press release are currently being audited by KPMG, the company responsible for the statutory audit of Ansaldo STS’s financial statements. The results of the audit will be released at the same time as the annual report and accounts are approved.

Ansaldo STS confirms that at 17:30 C.E.T. on 11 February, the management will be available to comment on the preliminary results for 2012, via conference call.

To take part in the conference call:

Italy: +39 02 805 88 11
UK: +44 121 281 8003
USA: +1 718 705 8794

To replay the conference call in the 72 hours following the call using access code 863#

Italy: +39 02 72495
UK: +44 1 212 818 005
USA: +1 718 705 8797

The presentation used in the conference call will be available in advance on the company’s website http://www.ansaldo-sts.com/en/investor-relations/presentations


The management of Ansaldo STS also assesses the business and financial performance of the Group and its business segments based on a number of indicators not provided for by IFRS. As required by CESR Communication 05 - 178 b, the components of each of the non-GAAP alternative performance indicators used in this press release are defined below.
EBIT: earnings before interest and tax, with no adjustments. It excludes income and expenses from the operations of unconsolidated subsidiaries and securities, and gains/losses on any sales of consolidated subsidiaries, which are recorded under “financial income and expenses”, or in the case of profits/losses from shareholdings valued using the equity method, under the item “effects of the valuation of shareholdings at equity”.
Return on sales (ROS): is calculated as the ratio of EBIT to revenues.
Free operating cash flow (FOCF): this is the sum of the cash flows generated by/used in operations, cash flow generated by/used in investments in or disposals of tangible and intangible assets and shareholdings, net of cash flows from the purchase/sale of shareholdings that, due to their nature or size, are considered “strategic investments”.
Operating working capital: includes trade receivables and payables, inventories, work in progress, customer advances and provisions for risks and future liabilities. Working capital: operating working capital net of other current assets and liabilities.
Net invested capital: the sum of non-current assets, non-current liabilities and working capital.
New orders: represents the sum of all contracts recorded in the order book during the period.
Order backlog: the figure is the difference between new orders and revenues for the period, net of changes in contract work in progress. This difference will be added to the order backlog figure for the previous year. Headcount: the number of registered employees on the last day of the period.
R&D costs: the sum of research and development costs expensed and sold. Expensed research costs usually relate to “base technologies”, i.e. those aimed at acquiring new scientific and/or technical knowledge applicable to various new products and/or services.
Research costs are sold when they are commissioned by the customer and a specific sales order is received; such sales orders are treated exactly like a standard supply contract (sales order, profitability, billing, advances etc) for accounting and management purposes. In view of the rapid developments in the productive sector in which the Ansaldo STS Group operates, this type of cost is generally not capitalised.

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