29 January 2014, 17:30 pm

Genoa, 29 January 2014

  • New orders worth EUR 1,483.6 million
  • Order backlog at EUR 5,601.0 million
  • Revenues of EUR 1,256.4 million
  • EBIT of EUR 118.1 million, EBIT margin (ROS) of 9.4%
  • Net Financial Position of EUR (260.1) million, net cash positive

The Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) met today under the chairmanship of Sergio De Luca to examine the preliminary estimates for the company’s main results for consolidated financial statements 2013:

New orders worth 1,483.6 million (1,492.3 million at 31/12/2012);
Order backlog at 5,601.0 million (5,683.3 million at 31/12/2012);
Revenues of 1,256.4 million (1,247.8 million at 31/12/2012);
EBIT of 118.1 million (117.1 million at 31/12/2012);
EBIT margin (ROS) at 9.4% (9.4% at 31/12/2012);
Net Financial Position of (260.1) million ((302.0) million at 31/12/2012), net cash positive

The above estimates include the effects of the updated situation regarding the contracts in Libya, as analyzed and communicated by the Board of Directors last 16 December 2013.

Roberto Carassai, the director responsible for drawing up the company’s accounting statements, hereby declares, pursuant to article 154-bis, paragraph 2 of the Testo Unico della Finanza law, that the information contained in this press release accurately represents the figures contained in the Group’s accounting records.

Please note that the figures contained in this press release are currently being audited by KPMG, the company responsible for the statutory audit of Ansaldo STS’s financial statements. The results of the audit will be released at the same time as the annual report and accounts are approved.


Ansaldo STS’s management also assesses the performance of the group and the business units using certain indicators that are not defined by the IFRS-EU. The components of each indicator are described below as required by CESR/05 - 178b Communication:

  • EBIT: earnings before interest and taxes, before any adjustment. EBIT excludes gains or losses on unconsolidated equity investments and securities, as well as any gains or losses on sales of consolidated equity investments, which are classified under “financial income and expense” or “share of profits (losses) of equity-accounted investees” if related to equity-accounted investments.
  • Adjusted EBIT: is the EBIT as described above, net of: o any impairment of goodwill; o amortisation of the portion of purchase price allocated to intangible assets acquired as part of business combinations, pursuant to IFRS 3; o restructuring costs in relation to defined and significant plans; o other income or expense not of an ordinary nature, i.e., related to particularly significant events unrelated to ordinary activities.
  • New orders: the sum of the contracts agreed with customers during the period that meet the contractual requirements to be recorded in the orders book.
  • Order backlog: is the difference between new orders and revenue for the period (including the change in contract work in progress). This difference is added to the backlog for the previous year.
  • Return on equity (ROE : the ratio of the profit or loss for the reporting period to the average amount of equity at the reporting date and the corresponding period reporting date.