08 September 2015, 09:00 am

Genoa, 08 September 2015

We hereby announce that the following lists of candidates for appointment of the Board of Directors, submitted by the shareholders - in accordance with applicable legislation – have been made available to the public at the Company’s registered office, on the Company’s website at the address http://www.ansaldo-sts.com/en/shareholders-meeting/general-meeting as well as on the authorized storage system at www.emarketstorage.com:

  • List No. 1, submitted by Finmeccanica S.p.A.;
  • List No. 2, submitted by Anima SGR S.p.A. managing the funds: Fondo Anima Geo Italia, Fondo Anima Italia and Fondo Anima Star Italia Alto Potenziale; Arca SGR S.p.A. managing the funds: Arca Azioni Italia, Arca Prev. Comparto Obiettivo TFR, Arca Strategia Globale Crescita and Arca Strategia Globale Opportunità; Eurizon Capital S.G.R. S.p.A. managing the funds: Eurizon Azioni Internazionali, Eurizon Azioni Area Euro, Eurizon Azionario Internazionale Etico, Eurizon Azioni Europa, Eurizon Azioni Italia and Malatesta Azionario Europa and Eurizon Capital SA managing the funds: Eurizon EasyFund – Equity Italy, Eurizon EasyFund – Equity Italy LTE and Eurizon EasyFund – Equity Europe jointly with the shareholders Amber Capital Italia SGR S.p.A. managing the fund Alpha UCITS Sicav/Amber Equity Fund and Amber Capital UK LLP managing the funds: Amber Global Opportunities Master Fund Ltd and Amber Active Investors Limited.

The documentation required by current legislation and by the Company’s bylaws has also been made available to the public together with the lists. 2 PRESS RELEASE Furthermore, we remind that the Ordinary General Meeting is convened on 1 October 2015 at 10:30 a.m. in first call and, if required, on 2 November and 1 December 2015, at the same time, in second and third call respectively, in Genoa, Corso F.M. Perrone 118 (Villa Cattaneo dell’Olmo) at the offices of “FONDAZIONE ANSALDO – GRUPPO FINMECCANICA”.