20 December 2016, 08:30 am

Ansaldo Sts S.p.A. informs that, on 19 December 2016, the Board of Directors resolved:

by majority vote

- That Mr. Alberto de Benedictis meets the requirements set out for independent directors, also having regard to the pro veritate opinion rendered by prof. Angelici, emeritus professor of commercial law at La Sapienza University of Rome, thus further confirming the previous resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors;

- To censure Mr. Giuseppe Bivona, director appointed from the minority shareholders’ list submitted by the Elliott Funds, for certain behaviours amounting to serious breach of a director’s duties, such as misuse of power and conflict of interest with the Company,;

by unanimous vote

- to empower the Company’s CEO, Mr. Barr, to consider, with the assistance of a criminal lawyer instructed by the Company, the possibility to submit a complaint/take an action against third parties, following dissemination of the Company’s confidential information.