06 September 2016, 17:00 pm

Genoa, September 06th 2016

Ansaldo STS SpA, following the related and previous press releases, hereby informs that the Court of Appeal of Genoa with a pre-trial order served on 6 September 2016, in response to the appeal brought by the Company, overruled the previous decision of the Court of Genoa dated 11 August 2016 that appointed an Attorney in Fact, noting that a "perfect coincidence of interests" exists between those of the directors appointed by Hitachi and those of the Company and that Ansaldo STS is interested in defending its decisions to "preserve the functionality of the organization and corporate stability".

The appointment of the Attorney in Fact was requested by Elliott International LP Funds, The Liverpool Limited Partnership and Elliott Associates LP, which challenged the resolutions appointing the board of directors and the Chairman, on the assumption that the legal representatives of the Company were conflicted, having been appointed by the majority shareholder Hitachi.

The Company, in the person of its legal representatives, will continue to defend the validity of its resolutions also on the basis of such a judicial result.