30 October 2015, 13:45 pm

Genoa, 30 October 2015

Today, October 30th 2015, Mr. Sergio De Luca has resigned his office of Chairman and non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS S.p.A. with effect from today October 30th 2015.

Mr. De Luca’s resignation is connected to the termination of all his roles within Finmeccanica Group, October 31st 2015. As of today Mr. De Luca owns n. 110,154 shares of Ansaldo STS S.p.A. and additional 3,851 shares with the vesting clause.

The whole Board of Directors and particularly Mr. Stefano Siragusa, Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the colleagues of Ansaldo STS would like to sincerely thank Mr. De Luca for his unique contribution to Ansaldo STS results in terms of growth and profits, but also for his distinctive personal and managerial skills devoted in each office he run within the Group.