11 May 2017, 19:45 pm

Genoa, 11 May 2017

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved 2016 financial statements and appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Financial Statements as at 31 December 2016 approved
  • Distribution of dividend not approved
  • First section of the Report on Remuneration, in accordance with art. 123-ter, of the TUF approved
  • New Board of Statutory Auditors appointed
  • Purchase and disposal of own shares authorized
  • Stock Grant Plan 2017-2019 approved
  • Amendment related to the date of closure of the financial year not approved

Please note that the Shareholders’ Meeting of Ansaldo STS S.p.A., held today in Genoa, chaired by Mr. Alberto de Benedictis, approved the Company’s financial statements for 2016 financial year. The distribution of a dividend was not approved, carrying forward all the net profit of EUR 145,857,237.53.


The Order backlog is EUR 6,488.4 million compared to EUR 6,410.4 million in the previous financial year (+1.2%).

New orders in 2016 amount to EUR 1,475.8 million, compared to EUR 1,336.0 million in 2015 (+10.5%).

Revenue is EUR 1,327.4 million, compared to of EUR 1,383.8 million in the previous year (-4.1%).

Operating Income (EBIT) is EUR 126.8 million, compared to the value of EUR 135.8 in 2015 (-6.6%).

Return on sales (ROS) is 9.6% compared to 9.8% in the previous financial year.

Net profit is EUR 77.9 million, compared to EUR 93.0 million recorded in 2015 (-16.3%).

The Net financial position (cash surplus) at 31 December 2016 amounts to EUR (338.0) million, in line with the amount of EUR (338.7) million recorded in 2015.

During the Shareholders’ meeting an action for liability against some Directors was presented by Elliott International LP. and The Liverpool Limited Partnership pursuant to article 2393 of the Italian Civil Code. This action was rejected by the Assembly.