24 January 2018, 17:15 pm
  • New Orders at EUR 1,500.8 million, +1.7% y/y
  • Order backlog at EUR 6,457.5 million, -0.5% y/y
  • Revenue of EUR 1,361.0 million, +2.5% y/y
  • EBIT of EUR 100.8 million, -20.5% y/y.
  • EBIT margin (ROS) at 7.4%, compared to 9.6% in 2016
  • Net Financial Position (cash surplus) of EUR (357.5) million, +5.8% y/y

Following the revisions made to the Company Guidance in December, the Board of Directors of Ansaldo STS (STS.MI) has reviewed the preliminary unaudited estimates of the key consolidated data of 2017 financial statements.

The Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Andy Barr commented: " 2017 has been one of great success in continued acquisition of new orders and project delivery in difficult market conditions. The impact of isolated contract problems in Northern Europe has been contained and the year-end outcome has been better than expected. I am working to ensure that this year will be one of strong delivery. I am particularly pleased with the team, for their effort in reaffirming the Company’s commitment to being a reliable partner to many of the major rail and transit authorities worldwide.

New Orders at EUR 1,500.8 million compared to EUR 1.475,8 million at 31 December 2016; the most important acquisitions in 2017 are related to Verona-Padova high speed line project through the participation in the concession holder Iricav 2 Consortium, following the approval by the CIPE of the first functional session, and to the supply of the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system for the Baltimore Metro Subway Link in North America.

Order backlog is EUR 6,457.5 million (6,488.4 million at 31 December 2016).

Revenue at EUR 1,361.0 million, increased of EUR 33.6 million compared with EUR 1,327.4 million in 2016.

Operating income (EBIT) is EUR 100.8 million, a reduction of EUR 26.0 million compared with 2016. EBIT margin (ROS – Return on Sales) is 7.4%, compared with 9.6% in the previous year.

Net Financial Position, (cash surplus) is EUR (357.5) million compared with EUR (338.0) million in 2016.